Objectives & Uses of Dot Net Framework

Objectives & Uses of Dot Net Framework

The Dot Net Framework is one of the technologies that is used to support building and running windows applications and also web services. Below we will look at the objective of the .Net language. If you are interested in learning the basics of the .net and want to become a Dot Net Developer, then going for Dot Net Training in Bangalore will be very helpful.

Objectives of Dot Net :

  • The Dot Net provides an object-oriented programming environment that helps store the object code and execute it locally.
  • This provides a code-execution environment that helps in various aspects like

Minimizing software deployment, versioning conflicts etc.

  • This helps to reduce the performance problems of scripted and tested environments.
  • With the help of Dot Net, a developer can get experience in various applications like windows based apps and also web-based apps.
  • We can use Dot Net for building a communication on environment industry standards that helps in code based on Dot Net that can integrate with any other code.

What Dot Net Consist of?

The Dot Net is one of the frameworks that contains a common language runtime and a class library. The CLR is considered as one of the foundations of Dot Net.

An essential component of the run-time process is the concept of script control. The Code that targets the run time is known as managed code, and the code that doesn’t target the run time is known as unmanaged code. To learn about a layout view in Dot Net, going for Dot Net Training Institutes in Bangalore that provide training in Dot Net with certification will be very helpful.

Many unmanaged components can host a Dot Net framework, which loads the shared run time into the process and aids in code management execution by establishing a system software that uses both managed and unmanaged characteristics.

Uses of Dot Net Framework :

A Dot Net Framework can be used to develop various apps and services. We will look at some top of them below.

  • Helps in building console applications.
  • Windows GUI apps can be created.
  • Service-Oriented Apps using Windows communication Foundation. These are some of the top uses of the Dot Net Framework.

The Windows form class is one of the comprehensive sets of reusable types which simplifies the Windows GUI development. While writing the ASP.NET web forms, we can use these Web Form classes. If you are looking for Dot Net certification training, then enrolling in FITA Academy, which offers Dot Net Course in Bangalore, will be very helpful.

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