Research Topics in Cloud Computing

Research Topics in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing – Research Topics

Numerous types of studies are conducted in the significant topic of cloud computing. So, in today’s essay, we’ll examine the research areas in cloud computing that everyone should be familiar with. We can guarantee that reading this essay will pique your interest in cloud computing. Let’s get going. Here in this blog, we will discuss research topics in cloud computing; join Cloud Computing Course in Chennai to enhance your technical skills in Cloud Platform.

Cloud Computing Research Topics

 1. DevOps:

Development and operations are combined to form the term “DevOps.” Continuous Delivery, Integration, and deployment have resulted from it. As a result, it reduces the distinctions between the operational and development teams.

Applications and software with a high priority need to be intricate and accomplish complex technical tasks that take a lot of development and configuration. Thus, cloud computing allows for the elimination of these demanding jobs.

Various tools and technologies are available through cloud computing to quickly build, test, and deploy apps. Additionally, it can be modified to meet specific needs and removed when not needed.

As a result, it streamlines the procedure and reduces the cost of development trams.

2. Big Data

The phrase “Big Data” refers to a piece of technology that describes vast amounts of data. And two parts of the data are filtered out. The first segment is identified as structured data, and the second as unstructured data.

Without using any physical Storage devices that require routine maintenance, all the data may be transferred to the cloud. Additionally, some well-known public clouds provide specialised Big Data Platforms to transform data into precise insights. Google Cloud Platform is an example.

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3. Cloud Cryptology

User data stored in the cloud must be safeguarded and secured against intruder attacks and security lapses. The method that is frequently used in cloud computing to accomplish it is cryptography. Since all data is protected by encryption or by using the private key, it enables users to access shared cloud resources quickly and reliably. It can render plain text unintelligible and restrict the view of data transit.

4. Load Balancing

In cloud computing, load balancing is the evenly distributed server load that makes it easier for jobs to be completed. The demanding load can be controlled with the use of load balancing. Load balancing has several advantages. The following are a few advantages:

  • It lessens the likelihood of a server crash.
  • This provides increased security.
  • Overall performance is enhanced.

Load balancing is quite easy to do in a cloud environment.

5. Cloud Analytics

For researchers, cloud analytics is a well-liked and fascinating subject. Because it resulted from the division of data analytics and cloud computing technologies, it is a popular issue. For small, midsize, and large enterprises, cloud analytics is advantageous.

The field of cloud analytics has been observed to be rapidly expanding. Additionally, it can be given using a number of models, as shown below.

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid


So far, we have discussed cloud computing research, and to learn more about cloud computing research paper topics and encryption in cloud computing, join Cloud Computing Courses in Coimbatore.

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