Why are Java Frameworks Popular Among Software Developers?

Why are Java Frameworks Popular Among Software Developers?

Why Are Java Frameworks Popular Among Software Developers

Java has long been regarded as one of the most popular coding languages for web developers, with one-third of software developers stating that they used it in 2022. When developing web apps, they typically use Java frameworks to capitalise on their greatest strengths. In this blog, we will discuss Why are Java Frameworks Popular Among Software Developers. Join FITA Academy‘s Best Core Java Training in Chennai, which offers advanced certification training and 100% job placement assistance.

Java frameworks, designed to be reused as templates, reduce the amount of programming developers must do to create software solutions from scratch. Developers use the server-side programming language for various backend development projects, including Big Data, Machine Learning, and Web and Android.

Why Use Java Frameworks?

Frameworks provide structure to applications. By creating frameworks for testing, web applications, or ORM, developers, for example, can automate many processes and achieve accurate and consistent results (object-relational mapping). In short, Java frameworks simplify developers’ lives by allowing them to focus on business logic rather than standard pieces of code used across a domain or application.

Top Java Frameworks

Java frameworks are language-specific and can include predefined functions that process, input, manage hardware and interact with system software.

While there are many Java-built frameworks, these are the ones that are most widely used for web and network apps, as well as logging, testing, and ORM. We don’t tend to designate one as “better” than the other because each has distinct benefits and best use cases.


Many developers’ lists of Java frameworks for web apps include open-source Spring. According to a recent survey, Spring’s market share will increase by about 4% in 2021, with 86% of developers preferring it over other options. Spring focuses on simplicity, speed, and productivity to make Java programming easier, faster, and safer, allowing developers to start building web applications quickly and without fuss.

Apache Struts

Struts is a free, open-source framework for creating elegant, modern Java-based web apps. It makes developing maintainable, flexible, and extensible web applications based on standard technologies much more accessible. It is built on the MVC (Model View Controller) framework, and notable features include time-tested design patterns, J2EE integration, and valuable tag libraries.

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The Hibernate framework, also known as Hibernate ORM, simplifies the development of Java applications that interact with databases. It is open-source and lightweight and implements the JPA (Java Persistence API) specifications for data persistence.

Apache Wicket

Wicket uses models to separate domain layers from view layers in applications and connect them. It is preferred by major players such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and is most commonly used by companies with 50 to 200 employees and one to ten million in revenue. Apache Wicket, open-source and component-based, makes developing web apps simple and enjoyable, making it a fast-growing favourite among developers.

JSF (Java Server Faces)

Java Server Faces, or JSF, is the industry standard for developing component-based MVC frameworks with reusable UI components for server-based applications. JSF, like JSP (Java Server Pages), provides developers access to server-side logic and data and can drag and drop UI components to focus on presentation layer specifics.


Dropwizard is used for developing ops-friendly, high-performance backends, and it includes best-in-class Java libraries and components such as embedded Jetty, JAX-RS, and JSON. Some reasons developers like the framework have its quick project bootstrap, application metrics, and simplified productivity. Companies such as Apple, Oracle, and Expedia concur.


Hadoop, an Apache open-source Java framework, employs simple programming models to efficiently store and process large datasets across computer clusters rather than a single large computer. Hadoop, used in industries ranging from fraud detection to social media analysis, is the cheapest, fastest, and smartest way to process and store large amounts of data. It is popular among businesses like eBay, Uber, Airbnb, and Shopify.


This blog goes into greater detail about Why are Java Frameworks Popular Among Software Developers. Java Framework is a set of predefined classes and functions used to process input, manage hardware devices, and interact with system software. It functions as a skeleton, assisting the developer in developing an application by writing their own code. If you are interested in learning Java, enroll in the Core Java Training Institute in Chennai, which provides the best certification training with placement assistance.

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