Over all details about IELTS

Over all details about IELTS

IELTS Couching in Chennai,


IELTS is most commonly needed for someone who wants to study or work abroad , especially in an English speaking country. There are totally four modules which are allocated by the British council like Listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Most of the countries ask for a minimum of 5.5 band from candidates, Some countries ask for a minimum 6 band. However, people who want to move to any English speaking country must have an IELTS  score to study or work there. FITA Academy teaches IELTS Coaching in Chennai for students and working professionals. Where you can learn this coaching at an affordable price. We got many appreciation from many people from those who have gotten high bands with the help of our experts. 


In this module you have to listen to native speaker’s speech and  slang and their coherence of English. While listening to the audio that comes in mobile or any audio devices, You have to answer in the question paper that is also given by the examiner. It’s a very sensible module because you have to concentrate on the audio. If you are stuck while listening you can’t replay the audio and pause the audio as well. Because the examiner doesn’t give you another chance to play the audio. Because the timer will start once you play the audio. 


This module is little bit tough to finding the answer, there has three Passage each passage has some number of question, For example first passage has 15 question and second has 13 third has 12 question. These passages covers total 40 question and its divided by such as “ Choose the correct answer, Fill in the blanks and Yes or No etc. In this module you should get a minimum of 20 marks. Each question has one mark so that’s a total of 40 marks. If you are willing to study the Best IELTS Online Course our academy teaches you the best level IELTS coaching online.


This module has two tasks which are totally different from each other.

Task 1. This task is easier than Task 2, there they give you a diagram like graphs and maps and some chat. You have to explain the details from what diagram you have but you don’t write your own perception using your own knowledge otherwise you won’t get the mark. For example, if your diagram has the population of India and China, you must write about it with the help of the diagram that you have. 

Task 2. This task is a little tougher than task 1, However, you have many options to write this task. In this task they will give you one topic and ask you to write about the topic. you can use your own knowledge and write a minimum 350 words about the topic. It is easy to crack this task if you follow our tips and guidelines. 

Speaking :

This module is only conducted offline and also one on one session. This session you have to speak very boldly and without any grammar mistakes. Also the examiner will check your English vocabulary skill, Coherence, body language and your way of speaking. This session is divided into four parts. 

  • Part 1: , They will ask you to introduce yourself 
  • Part 2: They have a topic for you then ask you some questions about that topic.  
  • Part 3:  This part you should talk 1 to 2 minutes about what topic they want you to talk about.
  • Part 4: This is the final part where they conduct a discussion round. Where they ask you some general knowledge questions. 


In the IELTS program the four modules above are the modules that are most important in IELTS.  So everyone must learn these modules from scratch if they want to go somewhere in an English speaking country. I believe that the IELTS is the most necessary thing that will enhance your English skill much better. Many people think that This is similar to Spoken English, maybe it is. Other branch conduct IELTS Coaching Center In Coimbatore. Where you will learn this course at a convenient price.

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