What Are The Cons Of Swift?

What Are The Cons Of Swift?

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What Are The Cons Of Swift?

Swift is a language that is quickly gaining popularity because it is simple and concise. Swift was first created exclusively for native iOS development, but programmers now utilise it to create secure, terse, and user-friendly code for platforms including Windows and Linux. In this blog, we have discussed the cons of Swift; to know more, join the Swift Developer Course In Chennai offered by FITA Academy.

Swift programming is safer, quicker, and more user-friendly than older, well-known languages like Objective-C. Swift’s ease of use and the close-knit community it has attracted are additional benefits of learning to programme. Compared to other languages, learning programming with Swift is more accessible, and there are more resources available. 

Cons of Swift

Swift programming has numerous benefits, but there are also certain drawbacks to be aware of.

1)Smaller Community

Swift is widely used, yet only 5% of developers use it. Although there are many reasons to think that this community’s membership and knowledge base will continue to expand, it is essential to keep in mind as you learn how to program in Swift. 

2)Misperception as “Apple only language”

Because of its limited community and features explicitly created for usage with Apple goods, Swift may also give the impression that it is a language for only iOS, Apple, and Mac devices.

This misconception may be caused by the fact that Swift is a compiled language rather than a technical one, which makes more programmers a little less inclined to switch entirely to Swift. As a result, it’s yet to be a commonly used language among developers. 

3)Newer Language

Some people who are new to Swift may need some extra resources because Swift is less developed or maintained than earlier languages. Many seasoned programmers who are used to more well-known programming languages like Objective-C may find that there is a little learning curve.

Since Swift only supports iOS 7 and macOS 10.9 or higher, this drawback also makes working with older versions more difficult. 

4)Not A Reflective Language

Swift can explain an object in its own words because it is a statically typed language but cannot alter the object internally. Swift has a mirroring feature to compensate for this flaw, but many programmers claim it’s different from the original. 

Thus, the cons of Swift programming language are a smaller community, misperception as an “Apple only language”, a newer language and not a reflective language. To learn more about Swift, make use of the Swift Online Course. Enrolling in the Best Training Institute In Chennai can give you the skills and knowledge to excel in this technology.