Three major things about Big Data Analytics

Three major things about Big Data Analytics

If you still need to believe that Big Data analytics is the one of the top skills nowadays. Here I have attached some details to clear your doubts.

Highly demand the analytics experts work:

According to Jeanne Harris, Who also works in Accenture as a senior executive, ” Without skills, Data is useless to analyze”. This year the demand for big data management and analytics is higher than last year. Therefore, many IT leaders and managers spend their time and money on training.

As per Srikanth Velamakanni, the demand of the analytic market will evolve in the coming few years, like in the IT market, it will grow by 3x. However, it’s currently one out of ten. Do you want to get in-depth knowledge about learning Big Data Analytics Courses In Chennai by FITA Academy? Yes, you can enrol on our course at any time. We have provided 24/7 assistance.

High job market and meet the skill one:

Analytic skills have been growing uninterruptedly, whereas the supply side has a shortage. This is happening in worldwide currently and its not prohibited in any location. Even Big data analytic job will be the best though the scarcity of skilled workers is also increasing. The survey of McKinsey Global Institute shows that US has been facing a demand for around 190,000 data scientists and 1.5 million managers and analysts who can comprehend and make conclusions using Big Data by 2022. Suppose you want to learn Big Data Analytics Online Course. Join our Online class at an affordable price.

Wages outlook:

There is a huge demand for data analytics skills and enhanced salaries for those with a good skill set and experience. You can see what is happening in Australia and the UK. According to the Salary Survey Report in Australia, the midpoint salary for data analysts is $130,000, an increase of four per cent from last year. 

In line with the trends established in 2013 and 2014, the median participant earns 184 per cent on an Australian full-time median wage. The growing demand for professionals in analytics is also evident in IAPA’s membership base, which has grown to over 5500 members across Australia since its inception in 2006.


Randstad declares that the annual increase in pay for professionals working in Analytics in India is approximately 50% higher than the other IT specialists. According to the Indian Analytics Industry Salary Trend Report from the Great Lakes Institute of Management, the median salary for professionals working in analytics in India increased by 21percent in the year 2015 when compared with the year 2014. The report adds one-fourth of analytics professionals earn an income of over 15 lakh. 15 lakh per year. If you live in Coimbatore and want to learn a Big Data Course In Coimbatore, enroll with us. We will provide the best teaching method.

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